April 30, 2014

Jo Butler Made All The Difference During Discussions of Pool Complex

To the Editor:

I was a member of the Recreation Board for a number of years and am familiar with the workings of this excellent organization. The problems surrounding the design and construction of the Community Park Pool were especially difficult and led to all kinds of accusations and misrepresentations. It was the appointment of Jo Butler as liaison to the Board from Borough Council that made all the difference and allowed solutions rather than endless disagreements.

Jo Butler was very important in this process. She brought a fresh perspective and an open mind to pool problems. She is smart and, with a long work resume, a practiced problem solver. Jo operates as a thoughtful listener and an open minded consensus builder. Apparently these traits were necessary for the final resolution of what had been an endless and difficult process. I have noticed that Jo has relied on these same traits as a member of the newly consolidated Princeton and I certainly hope she is able to continue her excellent work.

With these points in mind, I urge Princetonians to vote for Jo Butler on June 3 for council.

Beth Healey

Moore Street