March 12, 2014

Learning About Poison At Senior Center Event

The Princeton Senior Resource Center will host a Lunch and Learn session entitled “It Could Be Poison” on Friday, March 21, at 12:00 pm at the Suzanne Patterson Building, located behind the former Borough Hall.

Every year, between 2 to 4 million poisonings occur in the United States, according to the New Jersey Poison Control Center. Unintentional poisoning can be caused by over-the-counter, prescribed, or illegally obtained pain medications and sedatives; antidepressants and other medications prescribed for various health conditions; drug and alcohol interactions; and even household cleaning products.

At the PSRC event, Barbara Vaning, EMT Instructor and member of Princeton HealthCare System’s Community Education and Outreach Program, will speak about identifying poisons, how poisons can enter the body, dos and don’ts of using medications and household cleaners, and what to do if you suspect poisoning.

The program is co-sponsored by Princeton HealthCare System. Participants should bring their own lunch. Beverages and dessert will be provided. To reserve a spot, call (609) 924-7108. There is no charge.