March 5, 2014

Two Events Planned At Institute of Advanced Study

On Wednesday, March 12 at 4:30 p.m., Gareth Evans, Chancellor of the Australian National University and former Foreign Minister of Australia, will give a lecture, “After Syria: The Future of the Responsibility to Protect,” in Wolfensohn Hall on the Institute of Advanced Study campus. 

Another lecture at Wolfensohn Hall is scheduled for Wednesday, March 26 at the same time, when Vladimir Voevodsky, professor in the school of mathematics at the Institute, will speak on “Univalent Foundations: New Foundations of Mathematics,” The lecture is in honor of the Princeton Adult School’s 75th Anniversary. The Institute supports and shares the Adult School’s mission to promote and foster lifelong learning and exploration in the Princeton community and beyond.

The Institute is located at 1 Einstein Drive. Call (609) 734-8000 for information.