December 18, 2013

To Succeed, Fight to Maintain Dinky’s Terminus Needs Funding and Vigilance

To the Editor:

Attending the Planning Board meeting last Thursday night, I was happy to see that the fight to maintain the Dinky’s original terminus, if not even closer to Nassau, is not over (though it still needs more funding and our vigilance to succeed). I am sure I am not alone in appreciating being able to walk from my home to a transportation link which is reliable in all but the most extreme weather conditions and is unaffected by traffic issues. Moving it farther from town is a likely way to kill it altogether; all arguments for “it’s good to get a little more exercise” aside (seriously, who is looking to get a little more exercise when commuting to work?). If this vital link is compromised, people now and in the future will wonder what we were thinking. For a community that prides itself on being intelligent and progressive, this should be a no brainer.

Eve Coulson

Russell Road