December 11, 2013

Article Quoting AAPS Claims About Vaccine Should Have Cited Group’s Political Agenda

To the Editor:

I was taken aback by your giving full voice to an “Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS)” recommending dependence on health practices and antibiotics rather than vaccines when faced with endemic meningococcemia (“Physicians Organzation Advises Caution Before Getting Vaccine,” Town Topics, December 4). Consulting their own sources, I found that the AAPS was formed in 1943 to “promote a free market medical system” in the United States. Other sources report that the AAPS has extended its commitment to oppose all social interventions necessary for public health. Self sufficiency is in-sufficient in preventing infectious illnesses. All coherent medical professional and governmental units support immunization. I think that your good graces have been taken advantage of by a group with a political rather than medical agenda.

Robert Karp (MD)

South Harrison Street

Editor’s Note: This was one of several letters pointing out the political leanings of AAPS, which should have been vetted or else acknowledged; however, the Center for Disease Control’s point of view about the vaccine was clearly emphasized throughout the article.