November 27, 2013

Questioning Princeton University’s Policy Of Collecting Money for Places in Dinky Lot

To the Editor:

While we fully supported Princeton’s plan to develop the Arts Center, we now feel duped — paying Princeton taxes and being marginalized by the University’s insensitivity. Why must we choose? The Dinky is a treasure, accommodating the daily commuters, the students, and all visitors to Princeton, making our roads less congested.

Why is Princeton tying up Alexander, closing streets, and collecting money for parking in the now distant Dinky parking lot? They have issued more handicap spots (eight to-date — the old parking lot only had two) that continually go empty while greedily securing more spots for permits. Now that the Dinky is no longer walking friendly, why is the University getting more callous and difficult?

Princeton University, keep your commitment to the community. Support the Dinky, forego permits until the Arts Center is completed and the Dinky is permanently located at the agreed position (925 feet, approximately, from the original location).

Doris Shea

Mercer Street