November 6, 2013

Time to Acknowledge Hook & Ladder Fire Department’s 225th Year of Service

To the Editor:

Princeton is well served by myriad volunteer organizations, many of which are recognized with official proclamations and fundraising galas replete with local news coverage. Others go about their service quietly.

The Princeton Hook & Ladder Fire Department recently celebrated its 2225th year of community service with no public acknowledgement by the governing body, an unfortunate but easily remedied oversight.

In addition there are 13 volunteer firefighters who are to be commended for a combined 535 years of public service:

Robert Higgins, 65 years (Engine Co. #1)

Bucky Cupples, 60 years (Engine Co. #1)

Eddie Moyer, 50 years (Hook & Ladder)

Kevin Delaney, 45 years (Engine Co. #1)

Roz Warren, 45 years (Engine Co. #1)

Peter Hodge, 40 years (Hook & Ladder)

Henry Shields, 40 years (Engine Co. #1)

Alfred Kahn, 40 years (Engine Co. #3)

Eric Karch, 35 years (Engine Co. #3)

Robert Toole, 30 years (Hook &Ladder)

Ray Bianco, 30 years (Engine Co. #3)

Scott Perone, 30 years (Engine Co. #3)

Otto Cifuentes, 25 years (Hook & Ladder)

Kudos and a heartfelt thank you to those who serve quietly with humility and valor!

Kate Warren

President, Engine Co. #1 Ladies Auxiliary