October 9, 2013

Question of the Week: “What are your favorite ways to enjoy apples?” (Asked at Terhune Orchards)

TT Andrew Yedlin Maria Casey

Andrew: “Applesauce with cinnamon.”
Maria: “Apple crisp with blueberries.”
—Andrew Yedlin, New York City (visiting his home-town, Princeton) with Maria Casey, Connecticut

 TT Elaine Madigan

“My favorite way to eat an apple is fresh right out of my hand, you crunch into it and you get the best of everything, you get the texture, the appeal of the skin and the juice running down your chin. My second and new favorite way to enjoy apples is apple salsa with chips, you get the juice, tart and sweet, with spicy jalapeño flavor. It is wonderful.”

—Elaine Madigan, Hamilton

 TT Story Rogers

“Candy apple covered with caramel and M&Ms on a stick.”
—Story Rogers, Princeton

 TT Brandon Green Brianna Marcus Green

Brandon: “I think that the best way to eat apples is applesauce.”
Brianna: “The best way to eat apples is applesauce.”
Marcus: “The best way to eat apples is apple pie.”
—(from left): Brandon Green, Brianna Solomon, and Marcus Green, Brooklyn

TT Mike Maddie Bitterly Kelsey Chiesco

Mike: “Caramel apple, which I really shouldn’t eat, and warm apple pie with ice cream on top.”
Maddie: “Applesauce and apple pie.”
Kelsey: “Apples with Nutella.”
—(from left): Mike Bitterly, with daughter Maddie and Kelsey Chiesco, Princeton

TT Colleen Coyle Matt McGarvey

Colleen: “Apples cut up for snack are the best.”
Matt: “My mother has always made really good Jewish apple cake around Thanksgiving time. I always look forward to it.”
—Colleen Coyle, North Brunswick and Matt McGarvey, Daytona Beach