October 9, 2013

Importance of Community Diversity Makes Fausta Rodriguez Wertz Right for Council

To the Editor:

Diversity is an important component of the Princeton community. Why then should we not vote Fausta Rodriguez Wertz onto the Princeton Council? We could all take pride in making her the first Latina to hold the office in Princeton, but Ms. Rodriguez Wertz offers Princeton voters something more than her ethnic background. Electing her will provide the Council with new ideas, improved openness, and wider representation. Anyone who had a chance to see the debates last month could see that she is thoughtful, patient, and aware of the challenges our community faces. She will insist on greater transparency and improved financial discipline, things the Council badly needs. For example, I learned in the debates that Princeton, despite the benefits of consolidation, has a debt burden so high that it cannot float any more bonds for another six years. In other words, Princeton has effectively maxed-out its credit because of high interest costs. I didn’t know this. Did you? I find this situation outrageous. The current composition of the Council is four former Borough and two former Township residents and will remain so if the two other candidates are re-elected. Ms. Rodriguez Wertz lives in the former Township and is familiar with the needs of the outer community, something I’d welcome. Princeton takes pride in its diversity. Why not in its Council too?

James Hockenberry

Randall Road