September 25, 2013

After Princeton Council Candidates Debate: Fausta Rodriguez Wertz the Right Alternative

To the Editor:

With a few other concerned Princeton residents, I attended the Princeton Council’s debate last Monday at the Monument Hall. The three candidates are two incumbents, Jenny Crumiller and Patrick Simon, and challenger Fausta Rodriguez Wertz. More citizens should have attended the debate, because the newly consolidated Princeton faces many of the old challenges and some new ones, and people should judge on a first-hand basis who seems best for the job. There is a lapse in leadership at the level of the Council. I think that patrolmen’s suit against former chief Dudeck was allowed to gain momentum by those on the existing Council. There was insufficient attention to the ever-growing congestion in Princeton. The borrowing for municipal expenses shows an inability to keep municipal salaries and other expenses in check. Somebody has to draw the line, and, in my opinion, the new candidate, Mrs. Rodriguez Wertz, is the right alternative.

Louise Russell Irving

Longview Drive