August 28, 2013

Texan Visiting Princeton Experiences Special Act of Kindness On a Rainy Day

To the Editor:

Last week I experienced kindness from a man in Princeton. I attended a conference and enjoyed being in your city. But a special action on Tuesday, August 13, will not be forgotten. This was the morning of the heavy rain. I was walking without a raincoat or even a cap or jacket, using my cane (I’m 86), on Nassau Street. A man in a car pulled over and walked to me to ask whether I needed an umbrella. I said, yes, so he went back to his car and brought me an umbrella. I scarcely had time to thank him, much less ask his name.

Later at the Nassau Inn, where I was staying, I told the desk clerk about the kind action and left the umbrella there for someone else who might need it.

Thanks, Princeton, for a generous citizen.

Robert G. Collmer

Waco, Texas