August 28, 2013

Question of the Week: “What is your favorite neighborhood or street in Princeton?”

TT Adele Batchelder

“I like Bank Street because time has stopped there. It’s still a neighborhood, it’s intimate and close. It’s pre-car. It feels very authentic. It’s not impacted by the community or University: it is just what it is and what it was. I like to walk down it a couple times a year just to remember how things use to be.”

—Adele Batchelder, Rocky Hill

TT Wanda Webster Stansbury
 “Palmer Square — it’s one of my favorites because of the history. And because many people of different cultures intersect there. You have different ages come together, you have children, students, business people and the elderly passing through. It’s an intersection for all different people, for all different reasons and we all share the wonderful experience of Palmer Square.”
—Wanda Webster Stansbury, PenningtonTT Ron Burich

 “Nassau Street — you can sit there all day long and see the world come right in front of you. It’s pretty cool. I think it’s the spot that gives the most energy to this town.”
—Ron Burich, Princeton
TT Philippa Atkinson
 “My favorite area is Palmer Square because of the atmosphere you get during the day and then a different atmosphere in the evening. During the day you have the mixture of shops, you can get ice cream and the children like to play.”
—Philippa Atkinson, Princeton
TT Elliott Dolan
 “My favorite street is Witherspoon because it leads directly into town from my house. I like it because it’s quick and easy to get to town. And a lot of my friends live on Witherspoon so it’s easy to get to each other.”
—Elliott Dolan, Princeton
TT Julia Ditosto
 “Nassau Street, basically because it’s the route to everywhere else.”
—Julia Ditosto, Princeton