August 21, 2013

End-of-School-Year Reflections, Appreciations Offered by Director of Princeton Nursery School

To the Editor:

It is said that life is a season of cycles. One such cycle is the school year. It begins in September and is exemplified by excitement and hope as a new journey for learning begins. May/June is a time of conclusion, final report cards are distributed and diplomas given. July and August are a time of reflection and this is particularly true for teachers and administrators. “What went well this year? What should my practice look like next year to better serve my students?”

My reflection at the close of the school year begins with appreciation to the 50 parents that entrusted their children to the Princeton Nursery School’s teaching staff to provide a nurturing learning environment in which to develop their child’s curiosity for learning and creating foundation for a life-long love of learning. As the executive director, I am humbled to be a part of Princeton Nursery School’s (PNS) 84-year legacy; the oldest early childcare center in Princeton and the fourth oldest licensed center in the State of New Jersey.

I have the greatest appreciation for the scores of individuals and organizations that have given of their resources in time and money in support of the PNS mission; to provide high quality early childhood education and childcare that is affordable for working families of modest means. I would like to publicly extend a thank you to the J. Seward Johnson 1963 Charitable Trust Foundation for a Legacy Grant of $250,000. Yes, $250,000! The annual interest earned from the grant will be used to provide scholarships for families from the greater Princeton community.

Thank you to the PNC Bank Foundation for the volunteers that helped with our summer garden and as chaperones on our trip to the zoo. Thank you PNC for the generous grants that further the PNS mission.

Thank you for the generous grants from The Bunbury Company, Karma Foundation, Nordson Foundation, and Princeton Area Community Foundation.  You recognize the important work done at Princeton Nursery for the youngest members of our community.

I look forward to Labor Day when 16 incoming Princeton University freshman will volunteer with several fix-it projects around this 100 year old building. And then, the first day of school with our new students and parents in tow. Our work is only accomplished through the support of the greater Princeton community. Thank You!

Wendy Cotton

Executive Director, Princeton Nursery School

Leigh Avenue