August 14, 2013

Question of the Week: “What are your favorite places to eat in the area and what makes them special?”


TT Charles & Courtney Buck

Charles: “During the winter, our favorite place is Teresa’s, but only sitting at the bar ordering wine and pizza and whatever appetizers they have on special. During the summer, it would be getting a bottle of white wine at Nassau Liquors and ordering lunch from Nassau Street Seafood and sitting at the tables out front, provided that it’s a perfect day.” Courtney: “I like our summer plan the best because you can get involved with two different local businesses — three if you count borrowing a corkscrew from the Blue Point Grill.”

—Charles and Courtney Buck, New York, N.Y. Charles grew up in Princeton.

TT Gerardo Munoz & Lindsay Reuben

Gerardo: “I think my favorite place to eat for lunch may be café Chez Alice. They have a really good panini during lunch and an excellent coffee. Also, I think it’s a good way to contribute to the community and all of these special places.”

Lindsay: “I’m from Philadelphia, but whenever I come visit, we usually have a great lunch at café Chez Alice.”

—Gerardo Munoz, graduate student, Princeton University, and Lindsay Reuben, Philadelphia, Pa.

 TT Ramona Haynes & James Haynes

Ramona: “I live in Doylestown, and I drive all the way over here just for the Bent Spoon. I love to relax and enjoy the ice cream with my husband and our friends in Palmer Square.” James: “I drive her here!”

—James and Ramona Haynes, Doylestown, Pa.

 TT Walter & Audrey Kang with Sally and Sidney

Audrey: “My favorite place is the Bent Spoon!”

Walter: “My favorite place is Olives. They have really good chicken souvlaki.”

Sidney: “I am her cousin and I’m just visiting, but I like Teresa’s.”

—Audrey and Walter Kang, Princeton, and Sidney (left), Westfield, N.J.