July 31, 2013

Question of the Week: “Do you shop at Farmers’ Markets?”

TT James Judy Lynch

James: “I shop at farmer’s markets for non GMO (genetically modified) foods. I like to go to Terhune Orchards, the Trenton Farmers Market, a farm market on Route 33 near our home and a farm market in Morrisville.”

—James and Judy Lynch, Trenton

TT Dick Blofson

 “Over the years I’ve shopped at Trenton Farmers Market because I like the fresh Italian mozzarella. Mostly we shop at the West Windsor Farmers Market. I cook a lot and I like to shop for fresh food. I’ve shopped at the Princeton Market on Thursdays and I go to Terhune a great deal.”—Dick Blofson, Princeton

TT Milo Dana Catalina Molina

 Catalina: “Honey Brook Farm, Terhune Orchards, and the Princeton Farmer’s Market, and the reason I go is to get vegetables for dinner. Sometimes I get crepes with vegetables and pickles, which I love, at the Princeton Farmers Market.”Milo: “I go to the same farmer’s markets. I like to go because I can have fun with my sister.”

Dana: “I go to all the same farmer’s markets as my children. I also like Brick Farm Market because we can get meat directly from Double Brook Farm in Hopewell. I also like to go to Cherry Grove farm for their cheeses. Honey Brook Organic Farm is nice because we can pick our own vegetables and the children can see where our vegetables come from.”

—Dana Molina with Milo (left) and Catalina, Princeton

TT Jake Zuckerman

 “We go to the Princeton Farmer’s Market because the fruits and vegetables are very fresh.”—Jake Zuckerman, Princeton

TT Shona Zoe Selkow

 “I’m a vegetarian so I try to buy fresh, good vegetables. I shop at Terhune Orchards and I like Cherry Grove Farm for the fresh cheeses and apple butter.”—Shona Selkow, with Zoe, Ewing

TT Ayan Parag Pooja Arora

Parag: “We shop at the New Brunswick Farmer’s Market because I use to commute to New York City and the market was close to the station. We still shop there; we like to support our local farmers and the food is delicious. It gives us a chance to meet our friends on Friday afternoons.”Pooja: “The experience is different and very fun. The food is better and sweeter. It’s very good.”

—Parag Mukhopadhyay and Pooja Arora, with Ayan, Plainsboro