July 10, 2013

Question of the Week: “What are some of your favorite barbecued foods and summertime drinks?”

TT Livia Chris Hughes 7-10-13

Chris: “My favorite summertime drinks are Pimms No. 1 followed by gin and tonic,
and my favorite barbecued food would be burgers.”
Livia: “Orange juice.”
—Chris Hughes with daughter, Livia, Princeton

TT Natalie Schur 7-10-13

“Coconut Bai drink on ice and hamburger sliders.” —Natalie Schur, Princeton

 TT Joanie Ed Kaylee Cerbone 7-10-13

Joanie: “Margarita is my favorite drink and I like corn salsa and hot dogs.”
Ed: “Saranac Shandy beer with any meat on the barbecue.”
Kaylee: “Hot dogs.”
—Joanie and Ed Cerbone with daughter Kaylee, Montgomery

 TT Michelle Jerry Gomez 7-10-13

Jerry: “Peach sangria and grilled pork loin.”
Michelle: “Any kind of kabob chicken or beef and my favorite drink would have to be sangria as well.”
—Michelle and Jerry Gomez, Franklin Park

 TT Rebecca McCormack Sammy Nick Pietrinferno7-10-13

Nick: “Dr. Pepper and pulled pork.”
Sammy: “Lemonade and burgers.”
Rebecca: “Iced tea and a burger.”
—Rebecca McCormack, Lawrence (left) with Sammy and Nick Pietrinferno, Hopewell

TT Zane Sara Powell 7-10-13

Sara: “Burgers and margaritas.”
Zane: “Smoked sausage and Jockamo IMO beer.”
—Zane and Sara Powell, Franklin Park