July 10, 2013

Minority Opposition to AvalonBay Development Impacts Families in Need of Affordable Housing


To the Editor:

As a former resident of Princeton for over 30 years, I am writing regarding the pending application from AvalonBay for the hospital site. AvalonBay has made significant changes to its original site plan and has addressed many of the concerns raised by those who oppose the development. And yet a small vocal minority continues to insist on more changes, particularly with regard to the affordable units.

It must be very nice to be sitting in a comfortable (and likely oversized) home and determining what and where families who qualify for affordable housing would like to live. My guess is that although this minority gives lip service to supporting affordable units, they will continue to pick away at the plan in the name of those families desperately needing safe and affordable housing. Unless and until they have walked in the shoes of families living in overcrowded and unsafe apartments, their objections have no standing.

I appreciate that I am no longer a resident of Princeton; however, I recall too many interviews with families looking for affordable housing and having to tell them there was an 18-24 month wait. A part of my heart is still with those families and the sooner affordable units can be developed, the better.

I urge the Planning Board to approve the AvalonBay development.

Sandra Persichetti


Former executive director of

Princeton Community Housing