July 3, 2013

Question of the Week: What is your favorite way to spend the July 4 holiday?

Asked at the vintage baseball game at Greenway Meadows Park between Flemington Neshanock and the Diamond State Club of Delaware.

TT Eve Mandel

“Barbecues and fireworks with my family are my favorite ways.” —Eve Mandel, Director of Program and  Visitor Services, Historical Society of Princeton, Yardley, Pa.

TT Ken Mandel

“It’s just a lot of fun. You have traditional barbeques, with hot dogs and hamburgers. But this is a way to kind of appreciate the original way the game of baseball was played. This is America’s pastime, and I get to learn what it was like in the 1800s when the sport was just beginning.” —Kent Mandel, player with  Flemington Neshanock, Yardley, Pa.

TT Joe Murray

“I’m a family guy, and I just like to take the kids to the beach and we make a long day of it.” —Joe Murray, player with the Neshanock, Yardley, Pa.

TT Guy Woelk

“The most interesting thing I can find is a band, and a picnic. And the picnic serving lots of hot dogs.” —Guy Woelk, Princeton


TT Weronika piechota

“I most look forward to going to Cape Cod with my boyfriend and his family. We have a picnic in Truro, and we watch the fireworks going off in the distance in Provincetown. We like to take lots of photos.” —Weronika Piechota, Princeton


TT Dan Sledgehammer

“My favorite place to go would have to be the beach or camping, and hopefully, they have fireworks. I do enjoy Point Pleasant. I love the beautiful beach.” —Dan Sledgehammer, player with Neshanock, Robbinsville, New Jersey