June 5, 2013

Question of the Week: “What do you like best about the town of Princeton?” (Asked during the Princeton University P-Rade)

TT Henry Von Kohorn

“Strictly speaking, I suppose Princeton is a suburb, but it doesn’t feel like one. Because of our diverse community and the overwhelming number of activities, especially when the University is in session, Princeton has an urban sensibility in a country setting — a combination which is truly special and unique.”

—Henry Von Kohorn, president of the Princeton University Alumni Association, Class of 1966, and a Princeton resident

 TT Jean Telljohann

“Like many Princeton Students, I fell in love with this town as an undergrad and dreamt of one day having a home here. I love the walkable scale of the town center, the number of parks and land preserves, the outstanding Public library and other public amenities, and the gentler pace compared to Manhattan. And McCarter Theater, of course! The community attracts wonderful people, too.”

—Jean Telljohann, Grand Marshal of the P-Rade, Class of 1981, and a Princeton resident

TT Judy & Bill Scheide

Bill: “Because this where I went to college for four years.”

Judy: “I love Princeton because it’s a college town, and everything about it is exciting and wonderful and in a college town you have many more opportunities for cultural exchange and cultural experience.”

—Bill, Class of 1936, and Judy Scheide, both long-time Princeton residents

TT Jack Morin

“In terms of why I like Princeton so much, I’d have to go back to the time I was first here, which was in February of 1963 when I was here on a weekend deciding where I wanted to go to college. Two months later, I decided that Princeton was the place for me. And I have been going to school or visiting here for exactly 50 years. I come back because of the sports, the theatre, the town, and old and long-time friends. In fact, our best friends have lived here since 1983. The variety that the town provides, like the sports and McCarter Theatre, is also very special. I also enjoy the beauty of the town and the Princeton University campus.”

—Jack Morin, New York, Princeton University Class of 1967