May 22, 2013

Question of the Week: “What are some of your favorite or least favorite vegetables?”

TT Finny McCulloch

“I don’t like Lima beans, and my favorite is carrots.”
—Finny McColloch, Bordentown

TT Ariela Scheer

 “My favorite is cauliflower, and my least favorite is string beans.” —Ariela Scheer, Princeton

TT Felix Shapiro

“My favorite is broccoli. My least favorite is cabbage I think.”
—Felix Shapiro, Princeton

 TT Rachel & Silvio Soto

Rachel: “My favorite is peas. And, I don’t know what my least favorite is.”
Silvio: “My favorite is broccoli. I don’t have a least favorite.
I like them all!” —Rachel Soto and Silvio Soto, Princeton

TT Evin Moore & Luka Todorov

Evan: “Lemon sorrel and string beans are my favorite.”
Luka: “I don’t know, I like lemon sorrel.”
—Evan Moore, New York City and Luka Todorov, Princeton