May 15, 2013

Terra Momo Group Partners With YMCA-YWCA

The Joint Trustees of the Princeton YMCA-YWCA announced today that the Terra Momo Group will be joining them as a partner to create an exciting and unique learning kitchen in the facility’s former café space. Together, the YMCA-YWCA and the Terra Momo Group will establish a setting in which members will be able to learn about healthy cooking and nutrition in a variety of creative ways, and access healthy foods. The kitchen will feature nutritious items that are prepared on site with minimal processing and the menu will include gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, and heart-healthy options.

“There is great need and growing interest for programs that help people understand how to eat better and more nutritiously,” Raoul Momo of Terra Momo said, “the YMCA and YWCA share a mutual goal of enhancing people’s well being and healthy living. We’re very pleased to be adding another dimension to that experience through culinary education. We hear it all the time — people are eager to learn how to eat better and make choices that improve their health, as individuals and as families, without compromising taste. We see this as a very exciting opportunity and look forward to creating something very special for Princeton. ”

In addition to featuring programs with the YMCA and YWCA, the kitchen will offer activities with other community partners, such as the Suppers Program and other community initiatives that promote healthy eating and living. Plans also include showcasing local produce in season and possibly a local Community Supported Agriculture pick up. The kitchen is planned to open in September 2013.