May 15, 2013

Question of the Week: “What are some of your favorite Princeton Magazine stories?” (Asked at the Wayside Shrines concert)

TT Ingrid & Marvin Reed

“I liked the photo spread on consolidation. The pictures of the Borough and the Township officials, past and present, all smiling, was just great!”
“I agree with her.” —Ingrid and Marvin Reed, Princeton

TT Eli & Ezra Broomer

“We liked the Cotsen Children’s Library.”
—Eli & Ezra Broomer, Princeton

 TT Taylor Smith

“My favorite story was the one on Jeffrey Eugenides.”
—Taylor Smith, Lawrenceville

 TT Cooper Smith

“My favorite would probably be the Paul Krugman article. I used to work for the Federal Reserve, so coming back to Princeton, with him at the University, that’s a pretty special connection for me.” —Cooper Smith, New York, N.Y.

TT Bill UrianREV 

“There are many, many good ones. I liked the one about Wayside Shrines. That’s why I came today. The articles on the new restaurants have also been very good”

—Bill Urian, Princeton

 TT Tom Stange

“Most recently, I really enjoyed reading about my good friend, Chris Harford, and his band The Wayside Shrines.”
—Tom Stange, Princeton