May 8, 2013

Question of the Week: “What unusual plants have brought you here today?” (Asked at “Morven in May: A Celebration of Art, Craft, and Garden”)

TT Pam Ruch 5-8-13

“One plant that I specifically got for this sale, which I have been trying to find for years, is a Leonotis, also called a Lion’s Tale.”

—Pam Ruch, Morven Horticulturalist, Emmaus, Pa.

TT Barbara Webb 5-8-13

“Well, no unusual plants have brought me here, I’m here for everything, but I’m a little more focused on the art. We have many great artists.”

—Barbara Webb, Director of Development, 

Morven Museum and Garden, Princeton

TT Gil Edelstein 5-8-13

“Basically, it was the Crafts Show; the plants are on the side. We’re just beginning to scope the market for plants, because the temperatures at night are still a little bit low.

—Gil Edelstein, West Windsor

 TT Milly King 5-8-13

“I’ve been working here at the plant sale for Morven and on Morven in May for the last ten years, and the plants are definitely my favorite part. Pam [Ruch] works very hard to get very unique plants, rare plants that we don’t find anywhere else. I was just eyeing the Plumbago over on the other side. I see that in the South a lot. That’s a great plant to use in heat and in dry conditions.” —Milly King, Princeton

 TT Jeane Biehler 5-8-13

“I was curious to see that there’s a native ginger here.”

—Geane Biehler, Randolph, N.J.

 TT Leo & Jack-(son) Stinson 5-8-13

“Actually I didn’t come for the plants. I’m here for the artwork.” —Leo Stinson, Princeton