May 1, 2013

Question of the Week: “What do you like best about Communiversity?”

 TT Evan Leichter & Andrew Stella

Evan: “I like how all the shops and all of the organizations on Nassau Street are represented and there’s tons of different food you can eat. You really get a slice of Princeton.”

Andrew: “I love seeing all the different student groups and all the different organizations, all the different causes, and you can learn about them.”

—Evan Leichter (left) and Andrew Stella, members, Princeton University Marching Band, both Class of 2013.

 TT Caroline Smith Madi Norman  Sydney Reynolds

Caroline: “My favorite part of Communiversity is all the junk food, which my parents would never let me eat.”

Madi: “My favorite part is just the whole community coming together, and being with my friends, and there’s great food.” Sydney: “My favorite part is just being able to walk around town and have fun with all of my friends.”

—(from left) Caroline Smith, Madi Norman, and Sydney Reynolds, Princeton

TT Brooke Battle Morgan Bettle Anne Battle with Newborn Twins Palmer Battle and Harrison Battle

Morgan: “My favorite part is being able to walk from my home with my newly-born twins and seeing all of my friends.”

Anne: “Being with my daughter-in-law and my son, and my newborn grandchildren and showing them the town.”

—(from left) Brooke, Morgan, and Anne Battle, and twins, Princeton

TT Deborah Westbrook Princeton EMS

“I love the vibrancy, the energy, the community coming together, and the fact that non-profits and volunteers can show what they’re doing for the community at-large.”

—Deborah Westbrook, Princeton EMS Squad, Rocky Hill

TT Lauri King

“My favorite part of Communiversity is walking around and seeing all of the people, the festivities, all the great food. It’s just nice knowing that you’re part of this great community.”

—Lauri King, Princeton

TT Pat & Maggie Schmeirer

Patrick: “I just love seeing the University and the town come together. There’s always this invisible line drawn between them, and it’s great to see them come together. It’s just a great tradition.”

Maggie: “The food!”

—Patrick and Maggie Schmeirer, Princeton