April 17, 2013

Moving from the Noise of the City To Noisy Domain of Leaf Blowers

To the Editor:

Thank you for the two recent letters raising the issue of the use of leaf blowers. As Jill Feldman clearly pointed out, these machines cause air pollution, make a lot of noise, and waste precious energy. It seems to us that leaves and cut grass can usually be more efficiently removed from lawns and sidewalks with old-fashioned rakes and brooms. (And how important is it to remove each leaf and each blade of cut grass?) Having moved from a large city to Princeton 11 years ago, we are puzzled — and disappointed — to note that it is noisier here, every day of the week, due to the near-constant use of power tools, including leaf and snow blowers, mowers, saws, etc. We would love to see their use limited so that we could more often enjoy the sound of the birds – and quiet!

Michelle DeKlyen, Jerome Silbergeld

Philip Drive