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Town Talk Question of the Week: “What are you most looking forward to this spring in Princeton?”

TT Charles Plohn

“I’m most looking forward to the cherry trees in bloom, turtles, birds, and wildlife coming alive on Lake Carnegie. I’m also looking forward to Princeton reunions.”

—Charles Plohn, Princeton

 TT Sawyer Diana Cano

Diana: “Looking forward to spring and being outside and playing basketball.”

Sawyer: “Playing outside, running around, playing football, soccer, and basketball.”

—Diana Cano with son Sawyer, Princeton

 TT Vera Papp w Sophie

“I’m most looking forward to sitting outside with Sophie.”

— Vera Papp with Sophie, Princeton

 TT Lola Finnegan

“I’m really looking forward to spring break and lacrosse.”

—Lola Finnegan, Princeton

 TT Geoff Aton

“Seeing the flowers in Prospect Garden, knowing it is going to be warm again.” —Geoff Aton, Princeton

 TT Abaigail Ryan Helen Bennett

Abby: “Looking forward to the warm weather and lacrosse season.”

Helen: “Warm weather, pretty flowers, and Communiversity.”

—Abby Ryan (left) and Helen Bennett, Princeton


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