March 20, 2013

Superintendent Wilson’s Use of “Significant” Concerning Sequestration Loss Is Questioned

To the Editor:

Superintendent of Schools Judith A. Wilson noted the loss of some $87,000 in federal funding because of sequestration. She called the amount ‘significant in a very tight budget’ (“Board Adopts Budget, Rejects Valley Road Plan,” Town Topics, March 13).

This statement by the leader of our public schools got me thinking. Ten percent of the $84 million Princeton schools’ budget would be $8.4 million. One percent would be $840,000. One tenth of one percent — that’s right, 0.001 — would be $84,000. So just slightly more than 0.001 of the school budget we won’t be getting from Uncle Sugar is “significant”? In this rich, privileged town more than able to manage — and finance — its own affairs? Why are we getting this money in the first place? No wonder even those brave few of our representatives in Washington interested in controlling the federal Leviathan can’t seem to manage it.

Chris Mario

Greenhouse Drive