February 13, 2013

Taking Issue With Municipal Employees Hiring Family Members for Choice Jobs

To the Editor:

Your recent article on nepotism in hiring for town positions was interesting to me. I take issue with the opinions of the elected officials as to the propriety of municipal employees hiring members of their families for jobs, particularly choice summer jobs, unless these positions have been equally available and advertised to all residents of Princeton and not the result of “insider information” available to those with that advantage. Perhaps, however, priority should be given to children of Princeton residents and taxpayers. That would seem reasonable to me.

I was impressed last summer to be contacted by a young Princetonian about a summer job through our mutual college vocational bureau. Evidently she wanted to find a job on her own merit, not through the contacts of her family and neighbors. I thought that this was admirable and tried to help her.

Sallie W. Jesser

Prospect Avenue