January 9, 2013

Municipality’s Memo on Trash Collection Confusing, Could Use Further Clarification

To the Editor:

Now that our consolidated municipality is collecting everyone’s trash, citizens are scrambling to comply with the December 17 refuse collection memo. Unfortunately, there is confusion, especially in the outdoor sections of Home Depot and Lowe’s where trash cans are sold. The memo instructed: “You are allowed a maximum of four 32 gallon capacity plastic or metal containers (with or without wheels), which weigh no more than 50 pounds when full.” After seeing all manner of containers large and small on the streets after our first pickup last week, I called Town Hall for clarification. The confused, defensive response seemed suggestive of a “Municipal Complex.” The respondent didn’t quite know whether the rule permitted 50 gallon containers, or each container 50 pounds, or all containers a total of 50 pounds. “I didn’t write this memo,” she protested. In fact, the memo is confusing. A further clarification would be helpful so that homeowners can readily comply without overinvesting in new receptacles, local merchants can stock exactly what we need, the haulers can attain their efficiencies with the preferred standardization, and the community can be satisfied that compliance is being fairly maintained and that municipal collection is better than private collection.

Tom Pyle

Balsam Lane