January 9, 2013

An Open Letter to Dept. of Public Works About the Resale of Recycling Barrel Lids

To the Editor:

I am looking forward to participating in our new Princeton refuse collection and would like to make a suggestion/request.

When the yellow and green plastic recycling barrels were first distributed it was possible to obtain lids that fit them, first at a town municipal facility and then by driving to the Mercer County facility and purchasing a lid there for $2. Over time it was easy to lose them due to careless pick up practices or windy conditions, so many of us no longer have enough lids to cover these barrels when we also use them for garbage disposal.

It would be a real help if the Department of Public Works could obtain a quantity of these lids for resale to Princeton residents so that they can fully comply with the new disposal regulations. Princeton has been my home for over 85 years and it is difficult for me to drive to the Mercer County facility but a short drive within the town limits would be no problem. Until then, I will have to improvise to provide lids for all my trash receptacles.

Sallie W. Jesser

Prospect Avenue