January 2, 2013

Question of the Week: “What is your New Year’s resolution?”

TT Erika Flory Emma Rosen 1-2-13

Emma: “To get more organized with school work so I have time to do everything, so I’m not all over the place.”
Erika: “My New Year’s resolution is to have a more positive attitude when things don’t go my way.”
—Erika Flory (left) and Emma Rosen, Princeton

TT Chris Leone Mckinsey Bamber 1-2-13

 Chris: “My New Year’s resolution is taking any opportunity to do better. If you put off setting a goal, you will never achieve it.”
Mckinsey: “My New Year’s resolution is always the same, to be better.”
—Chris Leone and Mckinsey Bamber, Richmond, Va.
TT Peter Krasnoff 1-2-13
 “It’s to make my daughter laugh as much as possible.”
—Peter Krasnoff, Princeton

TT Bernadine Hines 1-2-13
“To get my new business started.”
—Bernadine Hines, Princeton

TT Anna LaPlaca 1-2-13
“My New Year’s resolution is to eat better. I come into town and eat junk food. I want to eat healthier.”
—Anna LaPlaca, Princeton

TT Gabriel Mendelberg 1-2-13
“To exercise more.” —Gabriel Mendelberg, Maplewood