November 14, 2012

Question of the Week: “Did you find it difficult to locate your polling place and how do you feel about the election results?”

“It was not hard to find the polling location. Usually we go to Community Park School but since the power was out, we went to John Witherspoon School. It was not difficult to find, everyone was talking about changes. I was very excited with the results and so was my family. I was not surprised with the results locally either.” —Rachel Basie, Princeton

“I found my polling place, as they were very good about letting us know where to go. And the results were as expected. I nailed the predictions. It wasn’t even close, and I knew it wouldn’t be.” —John Barrett, Princeton

“Our polling place was the same, so it was not a problem. And I was really happy with the results.”  —Marilyn Zagorin, Princeton

“I just turned 18, and this was my first time voting. It was pretty cool. I went with my mother and since she has voted plenty of times, she knew where to go. I thought Obama would win, I’m happy. Obama is helping schools and students with financial aid and I’m a student at Rider University.”  —Justice Healy, Princeton

“I was advised at Jadwin Gym, where I work, that my voting location was at Riverside School. It was very easy to find and convenient. I’m cautiously optimistic about the national election results. I feel there are a lot of issues that need to be addressed affecting a lot of people. I hope more courageous conversations will be held, to make decisions and solve problems. I’ve lived in Princeton for a year and am still getting myself up to speed with local politics.”  —Sean Morey, Princeton