November 6, 2012

Candidates Who Have Worked With Lempert Stress Her Leadership. Commitment, Vision

To the Editor:

We are running for Council in the consolidated Princeton and strongly support Liz Lempert for Mayor. We have worked closely with Liz and seen her leadership, commitment, and vision for Princeton. We believe she has the right experience to lead Princeton and together, we can achieve the promise of consolidation.

As Deputy Mayor of Princeton Township, Liz has an unsurpassed record of results for taxpayers. The Township has had two consecutive years of no tax increases, and is one of the few municipalities in New Jersey to maintain a AAA bond rating. She also has promoted sustainability and environmental protection, spearheading efforts to preserve the Princeton Ridge. And she was a leader in the effort to approve consolidation last year and since then has worked tirelessly to ensure a smooth transition.

Time and again, we have seen Liz work to find common ground on contentious issues by listening and developing solutions that work for the community. She has the right experience to lead us in the new Princeton. We hope you will join us in supporting her for Mayor.

Jo Butler,

Hibben Road

Jenny Crumiller,

Library Place

Heather Howard,

Aiken Avenue

Lance Liverman,

Witherspoon Street

Bernie Miller,

Governor’s Lane

Patrick Simon,

Harriet Drive