October 17, 2012

Question of the Week: “What will you remember most about the effects of Sandy?”

“I was part of Princeton Future and what comes to mind is how poorly our infrastructure is currently. We really need to rebuild properly; all of our power could be underground. These storms are not going away with climate change and we need to prepare for future storms.” —Raoul Momo, Princeton

“I will remember the thankfulness of all of the Princeton Public Library patrons. We opened Tuesday at 11 a.m., two hours after our normal opening time. It has been a wonderful experience and also a trying one. We have gotten a very heartwarming reception from people donating food and volunteering.”
—Liz Selzam, Howell (Princeton Public Library employee)

“The Breezy Point disaster hit close to me. Over 100 homes burned to the ground or suffered flooding. Our market decided to collect for this huge disaster by posting on Facebook. The outpouring of people from here that want to help is really great.” —Danielle D’Angelo, Brooklyn, N.Y. (family owns D’Angelo’s Market)

Carlee: “This was our first hurricane. I was shocked about how the landscape was changed here. I can’t even imagine about how it must be for those at the shore. I was really affected.”

Brady: “Being without power. This is the longest we’ve been without electricity.”

—Brady and Carlee Beard, Princeton

“A week without power.”  —Ken Sloen, West Windsor

John: “The area near the Paul Robeson Building and the cemetery, the big oak tree that fell, wires down and the power was lost. The other thing is how caring and open everyone has been and how willing they are to help others.”

Clara: “The devastation of the storm and people losing everything they had.”

John Wilson and Clara Mun with dog Pokey, Branchburg