October 10, 2012

Question of the Week: “What types of stores and restaurants would you like to see move into downtown Princeton?”

James: “A bowling alley; there used to be one where Triumph is now. It would be really fantastic if they could bring one back.”
Aileen: “A specialty shoe store like an Intermix or a Shoes ’N‘ More. It would also be nice to have a watch store like Tourneau.” —Aileen Brody Schiro and James Schiro, Jr.
(James formerly of Princeton), New York City

Erin: “Urban Outfitters, I’m really excited that it’s coming to town.”
Andre: “I wish there were more places to go for tea like infini-T Café and Small World Coffee. Like a lounge café.”
—Erin Purdie and Andre Belarmino, Princeton University students

“A Game Stop and a Lego store for kids. I was thinking an Italian diner would be nice. I’ve been to one before and it was very good.” —Matteo Constantine, Princeton 

“I don’t want to see Princeton bring in so many stores that it becomes too homogenized. It’s great to have Hoagie Haven, Iano’s, and Witherspoon Grill.”
— Bruce Ellerstein, born and raised in Princeton, now living in New York City

Carrie: ”I’d like to see Au Bon Pain or another little café for sandwiches.”
Carinna: “Red Lobster, it’s my favorite.”
—Carrie Floyd with daughter, Carinna, Lawrenceville

Stefanie: “A small grocery store. I have a young baby and it’s hard to just find milk or other things downtown.
Christof: “A fresh foods restaurant, not so much with panini’s but offering healthy salads.”
—Christof and Stefanie Budnik, Lawrenceville