September 26, 2012

Question of the Week: “Have you been impacted by the recent traffic restrictions on Route 1?”

“I live in Penns Neck — the traffic is backed up from the train station on Washington Road. It is a wall of traffic, constantly backed up. Nobody can get out of their driveways. People are constantly doing dangerous U turns and it’s not safe. Having all this traffic in a small area is detrimental. It seems that it’s top down problem solving from the DOT and they are too inflexible to revoke the plan that is obviously not working.” —Alastair Stokes, Penns Neck

“Yes, because I only have one option into Princeton, so it impacts my time to get in. I have to leave earlier in the morning every day.” —Cynthia Miller, Lawrenceville

“It’s not affecting me too bad but it’s a change and more traffic and that takes getting used to.”  —Marcel Lemar,  Princeton

“I now need to go out of my way — you can’t make a turn left onto Harrison Street past the hospital. You now need to plan your route and that can be annoying.”  —Paul Lazovick, Lawrenceville

“The first time I missed the turn on to Harrison Street. You have to go considerably north and then turn around to get in to Princeton. It’s confusing and you have to remember. There was quite a back up.” —Cathy Quinlan, Princeton

“I travel from Trenton to Kingston. Coming from Trenton you’re very disadvantaged. We had three alternatives to enter Princeton and now only one and this is wrong. If you miss Alexander Road, you have to go up and turn around.”
—Jim Harford, Princeton