September 5, 2012

Question of the Week: “What are you looking forward to this school year?”

Maia: “I’m looking forward to new teachers and learning new different things. I’m excited for a whole new experience.”
Lily: “I’m going to a new school that has woods and we can play outside. I’m excited to meet new friends.”
—Maia (left) and Lily Salmon, Princeton

Patrick: “School sports starting up, homework, studying, and everything. It will be good to be getting back to a routine.”
Grace: “Winter break.” —Patrick McCormick, Cranbury and Grace DiSimoni, Princeton

Angela: “The D.C. Trip that we take in 8th grade.”
Jocelyn: “I’m looking forward to meeting a lot of new people and learning a lot of new things.”
—Angela Kim (left) and Jocelyn Furniss, Princeton

Sophia: “I’m looking forward to my classes, especially art class. I am looking forward to meeting new friends.”
Jasmine: “I am looking forward to meeting my new teacher.”
—Sophia (left) and Jasmine Maggio, Princeton Junction

Jahan: “To go back and see my friends.”
Barack: “To be with my friends.”
—Jahan (left) and Barack Scott, Princeton

Anya: “Meeting my new teacher.”
Kaya: “Math class.” —Anya (left) and Kaya Smith, Kingston