August 29, 2012

Question of the Week: “What are some of the best shows or performances you have seen at McCarter Theatre and who would you like to see? (Asked at the McCarter Theatre block party)

Dave: “The Odyssey was really creative. I would like to see some new music come to McCarter.”
Lynne: “We have seen so many wonderful performances. Amos Lee was great. I would like to see some opera.”
—Dave and Lynne Bush, Princeton

Tom: “Having Our Say: The Delany Sisters’ First 100 Years was excellent. It went on to Broadway.  It would be good to see Kelsey Grammer in the future at McCarter.
Peggy: “One of the best shows I saw was several years ago, Romeo and Juliet directed by Emily Mann. It was superb. We would love to see Bebe Neuwirth in a dramatic role because she is as equally as good in drama as she is in singing.”
—Tom and Peggy Fulmer, Princeton

Zaynab: “The Odyssey — it was a one man show and it was intense. I would like to see more gymnastic and acrobatic shows in the future.”
Harmony: “I have seen and also been in A Christmas Carol. It is a really nice production and tradition for McCarter. I would like to see more shows like the Peking Acrobats in the future.”
—Zaynab Zaman (left) and Harmony Kingsley, Princeton

Will: “A Christmas Carol.”
Alex: “A Christmas Carol.
Ned: ”Peking Acrobats.”
—Will, Alex, and Ned Erickson, Princeton

Barbara: “The Convert — Emily Mann steps out and takes a chance on new playwrights. In the future, I would like to hear jazz vocals.”
David: “The Convert was excellent. I would like to see more young, aspiring playwrights. We went to one in the Berlind Theater by Sarah McKnight with high school students. I would like to see more plays like this for aspiring playwrights and actors.”
—Barbara Flythe, Lawrenceville (left) and David Byers, Ewing

“There are many that I enjoyed; the more memorable play was Having Our Say: The Delany Sisters’ First 100 Years. I would like to see good comedy with a little heft. Things that will make us laugh. There is enough heaviness in the news and in life right now.  We need things that will lighten and enlighten us.”
—Naomi Drew, Lambertville