August 22, 2012

Question of the Week: “What are your thoughts about Paul Ryan as Romney’s running mate?”

“I don’t like Paul Ryan. I think he has some unrealistic and absurd ideas about the economy. I think it may hurt Romney’s chances. He looks good and speaks well, but what he’s saying doesn’t work for me.”
—Julia Poulos, Princeton

“Very excited that he’s chosen Paul Ryan only because I think he will galvanize the left and the Democrats. Because I always thought the Obama campaign didn’t really have any spark. I think it will work out nicely and excite the Democratic party. Especially with Ryan’s beliefs on Medicare.”
—Nick Virgilio, North Brunswick

“I would say he’s putting this country on the wrong track. I can’t imagine anything worse for women. I think it’s a campaign against women’s rights.”
—Sharron Bolen, Princeton

“I think in terms of image and marketing Ryan is a good choice. He compensates with some good youth and appeal that Obama might have. He offsets some of Romney’s own money and elitism. Ryan comes from a humble background.”
—David Hock, Princeton

“I’m okay with Paul Ryan, it’s the choice I expected Romney to make, a conservative choice.”
—Terry Murphy, Flemington

“Paul Ryan is an extremely intelligent man. He speaks eloquently. He understands the economy and economics in great detail. Something has to be done about Social Security and Medicare. Ryan has put forth a budget, a starting point. The current administration hasn’t put anything forth to negotiate.”
—Tom Mensel, Princeton