August 15, 2012

Question of the Week: “Given the recent robberies, do you consider Princeton a safe community and do you take any safety precautions?” (Asked at National Night Out at Community Park Pool)

Johanna: “Given the fact that I hadn’t heard about the robberies, I think they were probably somewhat of a fluke. Going forward, I will continue to take the same safety precautions. I consider Princeton a safe place to live.”
Audrey: “I always make sure my parents lock the doors at night. I consider Princeton a safe place.”
—Johanna Hunsbedt with daughter Audrey, Princeton

“Princeton is a very safe community. Number one precaution would be light in the evening, keep lights on or on a timer. Be aware of your surroundings and keep your doors locked.”
—Lance Liverman, Princeton

“I do consider Princeton a safe place to live. I know that occasionally some things happen. I keep my doors locked at home and my car doors locked. The community is well protected by the people who are watching out for us.”
—Ross Wishnick, Princeton

“I consider it safe. The precautions I take are, I lock my car, it’s common sense. I keep my purse on me. I don’t walk in fear, I don’t live in fear.” —Barbara Reeder, Lawrenceville

“I think Princeton is safe and I live in the best neighborhood in Princeton —  the Jackson Witherspoon neighborhood.”
—Steve Pitts, Princeton