August 1, 2012

Question of the Week: “If you could live on any street in Princeton, which one would you choose and why?”

“Palmer Square. It’s the heart of town and close to some of my favorite restaurants.”
—Jack Miller, Princeton

“Linden Lane. I know a lot of people who live there. It’s close to town. The houses are nice and not too huge.”
—Louise Athens, Princeton

“Hodge Road. I love driving down or biking down this street, it’s very pretty. There are a lot of big, beautiful homes.”
—Nolan Critney, Princeton

Jessica: “Jefferson Road. It’s close to town and has friendly people and a neighborhood cat.”
Dave: “Jefferson Road. A beautiful street with huge trees and it’s really quiet.”
—Jessica Schaffer and Dave Tropp, Princeton

“Chestnut Street. As close to Nassau Street as possible, in one of the older homes on the street.”
—Patty Manhart, Princeton

“Palmer Square. There are apartments above the Bent Spoon with porches. I would love to live there.”
—Mackenzie Kimmel, Princeton