July 25, 2012

Question of the Week: Who do you think Mitt Romney will pick for his running mate and why? (Asked at the Princeton Community Democratic Organization Picnic)

“I think Rob Portman, the Senator from Ohio would help by representing a critical midwestern swing state.”
—Heather Howard, Princeton

“My thought is he’s going to pick a female and I believe it’s for political purposes to gain votes. He will select someone who will garner the most votes as opposed to who would be the best pick for this country. And that is what scares me.”
—Ken Soufl, Princeton

“I think Romney is going to surprise us all with someone we weren’t expecting. I don’t think that any of the candidates that are being quoted now will be selected.”
—Sue Nemeth, Princeton

“Condoleezza Rice, because I think she has a very decent resume and would be a very good complement to what Romney offers.”
—Aaron Bennett, Princeton

“Marco Rubio because Romney needs to draw in the Tea Party activists and show that he’s a real Republican. He’s having a hard time showing his bona fides with the Romney care and the social programs that he did as a governor in Massachusetts. In order to appeal to the Republican base he needs to pull in someone who is ultra Republican.”
—Yan Bennett, Princeton

“I think Governor Romney will pick Senator Rob Portman because he is a safe choice.”
—Evan Merrill, Princeton