Real Estate & Retail Display Rates effective January 1, 2011

Publisher: Lynn Smith
Business Director: Melissa Bilyeu
Advertising Director:
Robin Broomer
Advertising Production: Julie Gonzalez-Lavin
Real Estate Advertising Manager: Sophia Kokkinos
Real Estate Production: Yeou-Shiuh Hsu

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Mechanical Information

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RETAIL DISPLAY ADVERTISING Space reservations: Friday, 5 p.m.
Art deadline: Monday, 12 noon
Does not apply to REAL ESTATE.

4" minimum, prepaid
Introductory: 4" minimum, prepaid
4 consecutive weeks
12" minimum, prepaid
5 consecutive weeks

13 Week:

consecutive weeks
6" minimum
26 Week: consecutive or alternate weeks
6" minimum
52 Week: consecutive weeks
4" minimum
Monthly 12x per year
12" minimum

Color One-Color: $265.00 net
Two-Color: $425.00 net
Four-Color: $635.00 net
Position Guarantee Subject to availability
+20% for full page
+30% for less than full page
Minimum charge $50.00
Position guaranteed first 11 pages
Cover Boxes Inside ad is required.
$115.00 with 26/52 week contract; $130.00 open rate.

11K minimum print;
$0.13 per insert.
Inserts > 10 pages require price quotation.
Reservation required.
Please call for specifications and delivery information.

Velox $25.00 per computer print.
Link on Town Topics website
inquire for pricing
Advertising on Town Topics website
inquire for pricing
PAYMENT TERMS All new advertisers are required to pre-pay. We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. Billable advertising charges are payable within 30 days. Delinquent accounts, at Business Director or Publisher discretion, may not run further ads until account is paid in full, including interest charges.
AGENCY COMMISSION Recognized advertising agency commission 15% allowable only on the Open Rate for camera-ready artwork, payable within 30 days. All other charges are non-commissionable. Both agency and advertiser are responsible for charges incurred in the placement of ads.
COPY REGULATIONS TOWN TOPICS reserves the right to reject any advertisement which does not conform to the standards of the publication. No financial responsibility is assumed for errors when copy or corrections are received over the telephone or for errors after the first insertion. If at fault, the publisher will reprint without charge that portion of the advertisement containing the error. Liability is limited to the cost of the advertisement in question. Publisher assumes no financial responsibility for advertisements inadvertently left out of the paper. The word "Advertisement" will be carried at advertiser's expense aboveor below any advertisement imitating TOWN TOPICS style or that is "advertorial" in nature.