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(Photo by George Vogel)

A NEIGHBORLY GESTURE: Residents of the Witherspoon-Jackson neighborhood gather to reminisce over black and white photographs, some almost 100 years old, that have been scanned onto fabric and sewn into the quilt, which was two years in the making. The quilt is the Arts Council of Princeton's tribute to the town's African American community.

Witherspoon-Jackson Neighborhood Celebrated By Arts Council Quilt

Candace Braun

A permanent tribute to Princeton's historical Witherspoon-Jackson neighborhood was unveiled by the Arts Council of Princeton on Sunday: a hand-crafted quilt by West Windsor quilter Gail Mitchell.

PDS Receives $11 Million For Financial Aid Program

Candace Braun

Princeton Day School Trustee Bob Carr and his wife, Jill Carr, have donated $11 million to the private school to fund financial aid grants to underprivileged families who would otherwise be unable to send their children to a private school like PDS.

Borough Residents Band Together To Prevent Razing of "Jane's House"

Matthew Hersh

Nearly a dozen residents of the Jugtown section of Princeton Borough gathered last week before Borough Council to keep a private developer from tearing down a South Harrison Street home that they feel is essential to the character of the neighborhood.

YMCA's After-School Program Begins This Fall at Witherspoon

Candace Braun

Sports, tutoring, tap dance classes and a fashion and design history course will all be offered as part of a new after-school program for students that will begin October 3 at John Witherspoon Middle School.

Borough Couple Take AIDS Awareness To The Pavement in 250-Mile Bike Tour

Matthew Hersh

In the late 1980s, when Borough Councilman Andrew Koontz started his professional career as a television editor, headlines were dominated by the spread, and the subsequent fear of, AIDS and HIV — the virus that causes the immune deficiency syndrome.

SAVE Receives Large Donation From Appreciative Pet Owner

Candace Braun

SAVE recently received a donation of $1,000 from the owner of a dog that was adopted from Princeton's no-kill animal shelter three years ago. The donor was 12-year-old Alanna Allen, a seventh grader at Bridgewater-Raritan Middle School in Somerset County.

Proposed Seven-Home Subdivision Approved Amid Legal Wrangling

Matthew Hersh

Following an emotional session marked by legal stand-offs including a threat of arrest, the Regional Planning Board of Princeton last Thursday unanimously approved plans to build seven homes on a 15-acre parcel near the corner of Van Dyke Road and Snowden Lane.

Book Review: The Ultimate Shock and Awe

Stuart Mitchner

Two simple numbers have come to stand for the defining catastrophe of our time. Try it with Pearl Harbor — 12/7? Hiroshima: 8/6? Would 10/11 work as well as 9/11? What if it had happened on the eleventh of July? With 7/11 you'd end up inadvertently associating the attack on the World Trade Center with a chain of convenience stores. As it happens, the way 9 and 11 go together gave the media (and the rest of us) the formula needed to reduce the "day of infamy" (as FDR titled 7/41) to a shorthand perfectly representative of the e-mail era.


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