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Great Comestibles, Weather Enjoyed At Dorothea's 90th Anniversary Fete

To the Editor:

The weather was stellar, the music was stirring, the food was stupendous and the crowd was standing room only. Dorothea's House 90th anniversary celebration on Sunday was a fun-filled community event that we will be talking about until our 100th anniversary. We had no control over the perfect weather, but the day was also a success thanks to all the volunteers on the planning committee who fussed over the details: Nancy Beck, Loretta Casalaina, Joe Casalaina, Tony Cifelli, Pietro Frassica, Mark Freda, Robert Immordino, Tony Marchetta, Gilda McCauley, Eleanor Pinelli, Linda Prospero, and Dino Spadaccini.

The celebration would not have been the same without all the sponsors who generously provided their services to us and offered wonderful door prizes.

We are particularly grateful to Mediterra Restaurant and the Momo brothers for the delicious food and drink that flowed all afternoon. We also thank the musicians who performed traditional Italian songs so beautifully – Filomena Peloro, Enrico Gramasei, Kristine Massari, and Gabriella Rea. A big "grazie" to Tuscan Hills, the Harrison Street shop that transformed Dorothea's House with their gorgeous Italian ceramics and furniture. Bravi also to The Boheme Opera Company for providing opera tickets, to CriCo Cooking Company and Cristina Fratarcangeli for offering two cooking classes, and to Roma Savings Bank for its gift of an Italian-American encyclopedia.

Dorothea's House was founded as a memorial to Dorothea VanDyke McLane, a young Princeton volunteer social worker who unselfishly gave her time and efforts to help Princeton's poor Italian immigrants at the turn of the 20th century. Through the good will and good works that were evident on Sunday as well as throughout the year, her grace continues to shine down on us and her legacy lives on.

Chair, Dorothea's House 90th Anniversary Celebration

Snowden Lane Resident Welcomes Trees, Bushes, and Flowers, but not Sidewalks

To the Editor:

Generations of families have been responsible for maintaining and enhancing the frontage to their properties on Snowden Lane between Franklin and Hamilton Avenues in Princeton. These properties have provided trees, bushes, flowers, lawns, ground cover, hedges, fences, stone walls, and brick, stone and paved driveways, contiguous with the property in front of their homes. Over many decades, the taxpayers in these homes have been, and continue to be, the custodians of the strip of frontage abutting the street.

None of us, past or present, inserted or requested a sidewalk on this strip of frontage because we had no intention of altering the delightful rural character of our street. We certainly do not permit avaricious developers to deform our section of the lane with their invasion of sidewalks.

Citizens who so desire may choose to live in neighborhoods with sidewalks. There is no necessity for any pedestrians, children, seniors, or cyclists to use this section of the lane between Franklin and Hamilton Avenues unless they reside there.

Scenic and residential diversity are welcomed features in Princeton. Excessive, insensitive, and unaesthetic uniformity will be a blight on the entire community. We welcome Township arborists to plant mature trees on the open spaces between Franklin and Hamilton Avenues, and thus reinforce the splendid canopy lining the roadway.

Kindred spirits support our rightful aim to sustain the natural ambience of this road. Improvements are encouraged, but an unrequested and unnecessary sidewalk proposal runs counter to the will of every homeowner who has chosen to reside here.

Snowden Lane

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