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Question of the Week:

“Are you looking forward to using the new Arts Council, and what do you think of the new building?”


“I like the building a lot — it is beautiful, and I am glad to see Michael Graves being represented. My son is going into middle school, and will be taking art classes there — and I look forward to the music and the theater.”

Sean Dolan, Princeton

“I love it — I think that it is a fabulous building, just a great architectural design. And what a tribute to someone who made such a big difference to society. I will be bringing my nieces and nephews here for the art and theater.”

Gracie Held, Princeton

“Frankly, I am not too crazy about how it looks — it seems kind of oblong and strange to me. I do expect to use the programs.”

Sophia Weissmann, Princeton Day School


“I like it — it’s nice, very attractive. I took a pottery class, and I might like to do it again.”

Bill Ponson, Pennington

“It looks very nice. It’s kind of incongruous with the local architectural style, but I like it. I doubt that I will use the facilities, but have many friends at school who will.”

Ashley Schoettle, Princeton University

“I think that it is a wonderful addition to the community and that the space is much needed. I am not likely to use it but I am sure that it will be a wonderful benefit to Princeton, especially the children.”

Russell S. Floyd, Princeton


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