(Photo by George Vogel)

A LIBRARY BIRD'S-EYE VIEW OF COMMUNIVERSITY: This view of the scene on Witherspoon Street last Saturday was taken from the third floor of the library. A photo spread appears on page 38.

Monument Effort Turns Bright Idea Into a Reality

Matthew Hersh

For some local legislators and several committed volunteers, the far western end of Monument Park near Princeton Borough Hall would be something to behold at night—that is, if only it could be seen in the first place.

Immigrant Boycott Hits Home

Matthew Hersh

As hundreds of thousands of immigrants staged protests Monday in response to recent proposed strict legislation on undocumented immigrants and to promote immigrant appreciation in general, Princeton, which features a significant Hispanic workforce, felt the effects of what was observed as "A Day Without Immigrants."

Looking Toward Littlebrook Preservation, Neighbors Target a 'Mansion' on a Hill

Matthew Hersh

Property building rights, neighborhood preservation, and worries about increased stormwater flooding all took center stage last Wednesday as residents of the Littlebrook section of Princeton Township voiced their discontent with new development going up throughout the neighborhood.