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Question of the Week:

"The hospital site will eventually be transformed into residential housing and retail establishments — are you in favor of also including a non-emergency health care facility?"

"I think that would be a good idea just on an out-patient basis because I think that having something more local in town would be beneficial rather than having to drive five miles. People need access to close-by medical care, so it would be good to have."

Lori Washton and Jacob, Herrontown Road

"Yes, definitely. It is really convenient having the hospital there now and I go there for a lot of more routine appointments and so to have to go out to Plainsboro is going to be a real hassle. Anything we can do to have local health care I am in favor of."

Eileen Bird, Moran Avenue

"It is hard to say. A non-emergency facility may not be all that useful and just having doctors' offices like there are now would be redundant. An emergency facility would make more sense."

Margaret Fener, Grassmeare Way

"Yes. I think it would be helpful to residents of the community that do not have easy access to car transportation to the new hospital location."

David Cohen, Terhune Road

"Yes it would make sense. There are not a lot of health clinics downtown and it is a good place for people without transportation to get to a health care facility."

Francesca Altema, Witherspoon Street