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Question of the Week:

"What are your thoughts about a foreign company operating major U.S. ports?"

"I don't think it's a good idea. It may open a 'Pandora's Box.'"

Peter Yates Jr., Princeton University and member of Mercer Engine No. 1

"I don't know too much about it, but from what I see, I think it is safe enough."

Ryan Olson, John Witherspoon Middle School

"I think that as long as the U.S. Customs and security forces are monitoring the incoming cargo, that the actual ownership, operations and maintenance of the ports is academic."

Mike Finkelstein, Blue Spring Road

"As long as the U.S. can control the security around the ports and monitor the operations of the company, it should be OK, but there is a gut feeling that it should not be done."

Bora Onat, Hoover Avenue

"I am against their taking them over. Though I believe what President Bush says, I feel uncomfortable with it."

Marilyn Lynch, Gordon Way