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TOP SCORES IN FRENCH: Twenty Princeton High School students of the French language received top scores in the state and in the nation in an annual examination. Among those receiving their awards last Thursday were, from left, back: Birgitt Boschitsch, Benjamin Danielsson, teachers Malachi Wood and Sheila MacRae; middle, Grace Rosen, Emily Ullmann, Nathalie Levine, Elizabeth Suttmeier, Aaron Palmer, Olivia Huang, and Ila Nimgaonkar; seated front, teacher Laurence Thebault.

"Ils Sont Sensationnels!" PHS Students Excel in French

Linda Arntzenius

In an annual nationwide examination of prowess in the language of Pascal, Descartes, and Madame Curie, not to mention Napoleon, De Gaulle, and Brigitte Bardot, 20 students attending Princeton High School excelled at the state and at the national levels. Winners included a first prize at both national and state levels to beginning French student Emil Jahng.

Borough Discusses Cottage Club as Options Reveal Themselves

Matthew Hersh

Borough Hall, facing a potential tax crisis in light of last month's court ruling granting the University Cottage Club historic site designation, leaving the municipality on the hook for five years of back taxes, is now looking at ways that could potentially offset the tax burden on Borough taxpayers.

Talks on Historic Designation Alternatives Steer Clear of Strict Property Restrictions

Matthew Hersh

Following recommendations by both a municipal commission and an outside consultant to transform a mid-century Princeton Township development into a historic neighborhood, Township officials are now looking for alternatives to historic designation, hoping to find middle ground.

Graduates of PU Preparatory Program Urged to "Aim High, and Be Bold"

Avery Hookey

The graduates of the 2007 class of the Princeton University Preparatory Program know that their recently completed coursework is much more profound than what could be written in a curriculum catalog, as Princeton High School senior Eleanor Van Der Veken, one of 18 graduates in the three-year program, reminded the audience last Wednesday night at the program's commencement. Other speakers included PUPP Director Jason Klugman, Associate Director Torey Wilson, Program Founders Miguel Centeno and John Webb, and Princeton Univesity President Shirley Tilghman, who told the graduates, "Aim high always, as you've done with PUPP, and be bold."

Studio Band and Alumnae to Celebrate Three Decades of Jazz, Swing, and Dr. B.

Linda Arntzenius

The Princeton High School Studio Band will celebrate its 30th anniversary with a reunion concert on Saturday, June 16, at 8 p.m. in the Trego-Biancosino auditorium at the high school's new Performing Arts Center.

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